Erik Ohlsen

Erik runs Permaculture Artisans, a landscape and design business where his projects include working on designing, installing, and maintaining organic landscapes, market gardens and farms, food forests, perennial polycultures, ponds, greywater systems, bioremediation systems, reforestation efforts, and much more. He is a co-founder of The RITES Project (Return Intentions Toward Ecological Sustainability), which initiates gardens and environmental literacy programs in schools, and teaches permaculture and bioremediation courses. He has taught courses in permaculture and related subjects throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, including being a core teacher with Starhawk at the Earth Activist Training program, and guest teacher at the Regenerative Design Institute and the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. As well as these primary focuses, he has also combined his permaculture work with activism by participating in the ‘Green Bloc’ at World Trade Organization, G8, Free Trade Area of the Americas, and Biotech summits, where he and others set up practical grassroots solutions to the problems created by these entities.